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We specialize in the creation of Custom Created Puzzles for the Corporate Business Environment. Over the years, (Since 1996) we have provided our services to a wide array of companies in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. From our Popular Trade Show Booth Puzzle Contests, to our Ice Breaker and Teamwork Training puzzles.

Some of the more popular scenarios that we have worked on include...

Trade Show Contests

How can you attract people to your up coming trade show booth?

A popular way that we have helped a number of companies invite their clients to see their latest and greatest products and services is to mail them a puzzle piece with your promotional invitation letter. Put your Booth Number on the back of the puzzle piece, and invite them to stop by your booth, in order to see if their puzzle piece fits one of the missing spots in your oversized display puzzle (Usually about a 20"x30" size puzzle, on an easel.) If their piece does fit in one of the designated empty spaces, they win a prize designated by you! Pens, note pads, water bottles, koozies, or even a palm pilot.

For general convention passers by that speak with your representatives at any length, they can also have a chance with the grab bag. Put about 30 to 50 false pieces, as well as 5 to 10 real pieces into the grab bag, allowing the potential customer / client to get a chance to pull out a piece that fits in the puzzle.

I have heard of booths that have had lines of up to 40 people waiting to talk to a representative, and see if their piece fits in the puzzle to win a prize.

Teamwork Training Puzzles

Trying to convey the importance of team work to management and your employee staff, is a never ending situation. Without the input, and productivity of everyone, your product or service is only as good as the weakest link.

Puzzles designed to impress this message to your staff, make great visual teaching tools. every person is like a piece of the puzzle. If they do not complete their piece of the overall task, the picture can not be completed.

These puzzles can range in size from 11" x 14" to 24" x 36", and even as large as 8 feet by 12 feet in some very special cases. is the
Business Puzzle web site

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Puzzle Making

Trade Show Giveaways

Are you looking for a unique Trade Show give away with your company name, logo and web site address on it? Our Lapel Pin puzzle piece, or magnetic backed puzzle pieces serve this purpose.

Magnetic pieces can stick to metal filing cabinates, metal desks, and refrigerators

Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles
for Displays and advertising

Magnetic puzzles are fun in that they can be used to send a designated message to the recipient.

From a new product campaign, your corporate logo with web site address, to a holiday card puzzle. these puzzles usually contain a simple number of 4 to 20 pieces, and can adhere to any metal surface from Filing cabinates, desks and water coolers to break room, or home refrigerators.

Simple and fun to solve these puzzles will put your message in front of your recipients eyes for several minutes, on a repeated number of occasions over time.


Ice Breakers

Ideal for meeting where many people come together from all over the country or the world, who may not all know each other.

For either Dinner Parties, or breaking everyone up into teams, individual table / team puzzles are made with different colors, or designs on them. People must then mingle to match their puzzle name piece with the other people in the room who are part of their designated team. once they all find each other, their pieces will all fit together to complete their small puzzle.

In very large meetings of 50+ people, these smaller section can actually be designed to be a small part of a larger puzzle. At some point in your convention, the team leaders can bring forth their teams puzzle, and arrange it to display the theme of your Convention / Business meeting. See Examples below.

Corporate Lobby Displays

We have made puzzles that are tremendous in size.

Sizes ranging from 3 feet by 4 feet, up to 8 feet by 12 feet. If your needs are to have one of these monstrous puzzles, then we can help you.

In the past, we have made these puzzles this large so that large gatherings of many hundreds or even over 100 people can see it inside of a large ball room.

In one case, we even made a 8 foot by 8 foot puzzle that was used in a team work training workshop where people on the 12 floor of an office building had to use walkie talkies to instruct their team members outside of the building, in the courtyard, to organize and move the puzzle pieces in order to complete the puzzle,by way of literal movement commands. with a 30-50 piece puzzle, individuals can be timed for points to see who can organize their team members to solve the puzzle the fastest.

We do not provide the 2-way radios, but we will provide the puzzle!

These puzzles are huge, in order to be seen from great distances, and often contain a smaller number of "oversized" pieces. A typical puzzle like this has between 50 and 100 pieces in it.

Once your exercise is completed, the puzzle can be glued to a backing, and hung in your corporate office lobby or hallway. A good carpenter will be able to secure it to the wall, and cover it with an appropriate sized piece, or pieces of plexiglass.

Retirement Gift
Employee Guest books

I have made a number of puzzles that have been given as a corporate going away gift. In many cases the puzzle have been either medium sized or large in size. On the picture side of the puzzle, any variety of images have been used, from an actual photo of the retiring employee, a cartoon caricature of them, or a picture of the office building or corporate logo, and in a few cases a group photo of many or all of the employees in the company.

This image is then printed in a size appropriate so that there can be at least as many pieces in the puzzle as there are employees in the company. Each employee can then write a sentence or two to with the retiring person their best wishes.

The puzzle can then be given to the out going employee, and when he or she solves it, they can flip it over to enjoy the words of their co-workers.

If framed with a clear backing, the puzzle can be hung on a wall, and easily taken down to be read at any time.

Corporate Gift Puzzles

Lobby / Waiting Area puzzles

Do you often have people having to wait to meet with you for 5 to 15+ minutes? Why not present them with a selection of fine quality wooden puzzles to enjoy while they wait. A picture of your office building, your corporate logo, pictures of your products... etc. from 15 to 50 pieces in size, these puzzles will impress and also convey a message contained in the image.

An enjoyable way for people to invest time while waiting.


Business Logo Puzzles


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